Blue Corn Bread with Orange Agave Butter

Recently I was strolling through the aisles of Planet Organic, one of the specialty organic stores in town.  It’s an interesting place to go for unique and hard to find ingredients such as cocoa nibs or agave syrup, but also for inspiration, not to mention all of the top-notch organic produce.  One thing I happened upon last trip was some Blue Cornmeal.  Hmmm… interesting.  The package says it is interchangeable with yellow cornmeal – so I thought I’d pick up a package and see how it fared in a simple cornbread, perhaps even do a side-by-side taste comparison.  Well, this morning, after a full week of serious baking and blogging withdrawal, I decided to break out the mixing bowls and whip up some cornbread for a morning snack.

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